A Country Couple Recipe: make your own cheese

3.5 Ltrs of Milk turned into Cheese - Who said we aren't a resident country couple!?
3.5 Ltrs of Milk turned into Cheese – Who said we aren’t a resident country couple!?

Totally Simple

  1. Warm milk to body temperature, which you can tell if you put your wrist in you cannot feel the milk at all!
  2. Take off heat, add vegetarian rennet – 15 drops to a litre of milk – stir in for 10 seconds then wait 10 minutes. Curd is set in that time!
  3. Cut lines across the saucepan contents so you have soft cubes and spoon into cheesecloth over a strainer over a bowl to drain out the whey.
  4. Tie a knot in cloth and hang in cool in a fly free place for 48 hours until set into a bell shaped (shaped by the cheesecloth!!) soft white cream style cheese.

We have made our cheese because the mini peppers we have grown are ready.

So tomorrow we will harvest all the peppers we have grown and fill each with a spoon of cheese, then put them into jars with olive oil (Oliva D Tabragalbra until our own is ready!) and herbs ready for eating over the next month.

If content is submerged in oil then the peppers can last for up to 6 months! And they will get better all the time!

With the left over whey, reheat, keep stirring and add vinegar at 90 degrees. You then get little visible flecks, so stop stirring and amazingly watch the ricotta form before your eyes!

Drain like before in cheesecloth so you get the juice out. (For us this juice goes straight to our lilly piggy, Lilly. Lucky her!)

Note: Get out the Milton sanitiser and wash all your utensils OR boil them so you have no unhappy germs in your soon to be very happy yummy soft cheese!

Bon Apetite!

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